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Spacemacs for the Scala developer

·2 mins

Over the last few days I’ve been evaluating Spacemacs as a replacement for Vim: I had already come to appreciate it because of its pleasant user experience and configurability but I was still missing a killer feature… Today I set out to explore Spacemacs’ scala configuration layer and guess what? I think I found one! By integrating with ensime, Spacemacs gains IDE-level features such as: infer variable type, organize imports, extract method, rename variable, jump to definition, and many more… That’s incredibly better than my previous setup (vim + sbt running on the side)! Setting up a project for Ensime integration is straightforward:

  • add ensime-sbt to your (global or local) plugins.sbt,
  • run sbt gen-ensime to generate the .ensime file,
  • start ensime server (SPC m n s).

Here are a few functions I find very useful:

Keybinding Function
SPC m g g go to definition
SPC m i i inspect type at point
SPC m r f format code
SPC m r i organize imports
SPC m r r rename a symbol project wide
SPC m s b send buffer to REPL
SPC m s r send region of code to REPL
SPC m t r run quick tests

Furthermore, while navigating a Scala file the current line’s method definition (or expression return type) will appear in the status bar.

For a complete list of features and keybindings, visit the official website.